Does Shower Curtain Go Inside Or Outside Tub?
07.01.2022 | giftstrends | BLOG

Ideally, the curtain should be hanging inside the tub, keeping the water from getting out of your shower area. Hence, if you’re not using your bathroom, you can put it outside to hang.

Indeed, shower curtains have a significant role in protecting the tiles outside your shower area.

Shower curtains are also used as a display that makes your bathroom more welcoming to look at when you use it.

Also, shower curtains keep your shower area warm, which gives you a fantastic shower experience.

Moreover, using shower curtains will also depend on your understanding of the purpose of your shower curtain.

It is because some bathroom curtains have liners and others don’t. A shower curtain liner is designed to go inside your tub, and the curtain goes outside your tub.

However, if your bathroom curtain has no built-in shower liner, then you may need to put your shower curtain inside your tub.

The question is, is it a good option? Probably because you don’t have a choice.

If you want to deal more in-depth about the best way to use your shower curtain, you need first to learn its purpose.

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Which Side Of The Shower Curtain Goes Inside?

It is best that when you hang your shower curtain, hang its finished side inside, and its tag side should face the back of your shower curtain.

In this way, it creates a polished, luxurious showering experience for you.

Our bathroom also needs decoration to match your space perfectly. It is also one of the essential areas at home and should maintain it well.

As homeowners, we love to make our space beautiful because it is our way to feel comfortable using it.

There’s no such great feeling as looking at your bathroom with a great sense of art.

Furthermore, our bathroom needs extra care and maintenance since you use it daily. Having it maintained well will guarantee you a less stressful bathroom environment.

If you have a free-stress bathroom, it makes it easier for you to do your matters.

It is why lots of homeowners pay a lot of money to make their bathrooms clean and well functional.

How Far Into The Tub Should A Shower Curtain Hang?

Preferably, a standard shower-tub combo, makes a mark of 32 inches from the adjacent wall in your bathroom and 6 to 8 inches from your ceiling.

It leaves you with 6 to 10 inches of curtain inside your bathtub – a perfect level to hang your curtain.

You must know what your shower curtain should look like when you install it.

Placing your shower curtain should be accurate so that it looks edgy and appropriate.

There are instances when some homeowners don’t care about placing their shower curtain correctly.

As they install it without proper measurement, it’s already acceptable to them.

This kind of mindset is not right.

Everybody wishes for a kind of bathroom that gives them security and satisfaction. It is why installing it with proper measurements is essential.

Moreover, adding a spa-like luxury to your bathroom makes your shower area smell amazing by putting soaps and other bath essentials.

It feels like you are standing at center stage when you step in and out of your bathtub with a shower curtain.

After just getting a few hours installing your curtains, you will now enjoy the best view you desire for your bathroom while doing your matters.

Where Do You Hang A Shower Curtain?

While taking a bath, it’s expected that you splash water every day. However, frequent water splash can damage other tiles in your bathroom.

If you want your bathroom tiles to be safe, your curtain must hang adequately, and it should have 2 inches of space between your floor and your shower curtain.

If you want to prevent your outdoor bathroom tiles from being splashed with water, your curtain should be hanging at least 5 inches below the edge of your bathtub to keep the water spilling outside your bathtub.

Below are the four steps to hanging a shower curtain properly.

1. Measure And Mark The Area

The best way to hang your shower curtain properly is to measure it first. Although showers have different sizes, the standard shower curtains are measured 72 long and 72 inches wide.

If you select a curtain that falls outside your shower area/bathtub range, it is essential to measure and mark your curtain rod’s location before hanging.

Selecting a shower curtain might be confusing because many brands in the market claim to be durable.

It is why you need to be careful.

Moreover, the best thing you can do as a homeowner is to purchase a shower curtain with great reviews from other users.

2. Hang The Curtain Rod

Using the marks, you made you can now proceed with hanging your curtain rod.

If you have a screw-mounted rod, you can place the mounting brackets at an equal distance from your tub base and sides of your shower wall. Also, it should be parallel to your shower base.

While for tension rods, lift the rod until you reach the marks you made on your walls and increase the tension until it stays up on its own.

3. Loop The Curtain Rings

Lay your shower curtain liner beneath your shower curtain with an outward-facing side while your curtain faces up.

After that, line up the holes at the top of your shower curtain and curtain liner, then loop it with one shower ring through each hole.

Please don’t close the rings yet since it should be slightly open for the next step. Make sure that you choose a set of shower rings that compliment your bathroom tone.

Moreover, hang the hooks on your curtain rod, then loop the holes of your shower curtain over the hooks, then loop the holes of your curtain liner over the hooks.

4. Hang Your Curtain And Liner

Raise the curtain and liner carefully to slip each shower ring over the rod, then firmly hook them into their places.

If you already completed your shower curtain’s installation, you may now start adding some accessories for your bathroom like towels, soaps, and other hygiene stuff.